Beautiful Eyelashes Are Yours At Last


Wake Up Beautiful

In this day and age, it’s about convenience. In the words of Beyoncé, “I Woke Up Like This.” Eyelash Extensions give you the ability to wake up beautiful. For those times when you want to wash your face, put on your SPF moisturizer and leave without having to apply mascara; here is the easiest way to look awaken and ready to hit the ground running. We do natural lash looks for the women who want to accentuate their lashes. We only use premium adhesive and lashes, so that you get no irritation and very little fall out. You will need a fill-in every 2-3 weeks to replace the lashes that naturally shed. Let us pamper you with our Eye Collagen Treatment and post care package to help maintain your lashes.

How To Choose a Spa For Your Eyelash Extensions

Lashes has become in Great Demand in the Metro Atlanta Area. They offer Classes to train many Licensed Esthetician to Do lashes. Although they can be costly, the benefit Sometime Out Ways the Cost. Clients that want to add length and fullness to their natural lashes can do that with Semi-Permanent Lashes Extensions.

One thing that set Lash Extensions apart Is their Training, and their passion about their craft. I love to Create Lash designs for my clients That change the way they see themselves. Being able to wake up and already have their lashes on is life changing. We have some many things to do to get ready to faced the day. Not worrying about putting on Mascara or Strip Lashes often becomes a Luxury that People find with Lash Extensions. Be sure to do your research on your lash expert to ensure that she is train properly and will ensure they are using sanitary practices.

Our prices may be a little higher than others but that’s because we use superior products and techniques to ensure that you receive the best lashes. Cheap often means poor services and low grade products that may cause adverse conditions.

Here I At I Am beautiful We believe in giving you the lashes that you desire but we take in consideration what your natural lashes are and choose lengths and thickness that your natural lashes will support. We will work to give you the look that you want but with in reason that it does not cause damage to your natural lashes. Lash extensions are some time known to actually help you grow your lash extensions if put on correctly and maintained correctly.

We offer a range of design and Lashes to fit any budget. But must understand in order to get the look that you desire it may cost a lil more than other designs. We take into account what your natural lash can support . We offer Individual Lashes, Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. However clients with sparse lashes can have the look that they desire but may have to choose a style that cost more.


Understanding the Eyelash Extensions We Offer

Individual Lashes – 30.00

Individual Lashes are clusters of Lashes that Are applied to Natural Lashes. They need to be reapplied Every Week . They Shouldn’t be worn for a long time. They are mostly for a Evening Or Event. But some choose to leave on for two weeks at a time. They need to be removed and reapplied every couple of weeks.

Classic Set – 175.00 

Classic Lashes are Semi-Permanent Lashes that are applied one lash to a NL and creating a style that mimic your natural lashes. This is suitable for the client that desire to have added length and fullness. This is done with lashes that are .15 or .20 in width. As your natural lashes shed the Synthetic lash will shed so you will need to get an infill. This treatment takes Approximately 1 1/2hr/ 2hrs. Typically you need an infill every 2-3 weeks. Must have at least 50% of the lashes still intact to be consider an infill if not only a 20.00 charge will be accessed to the charge. 65.00 for infill

Volume Lashes – 250.00

Volume lashes is a technique where you add up to 6 very fine lash extension to each lash that gives a much voluminous lash look that helps sparse thin lashes look fuller and thicker. It is an extremely technical treatment that is offered by only few lash technicians. It is the newest form of Lash. You can choose for 3d volume to 6D volume. Typically you need an infill every 2-3 weeks. Must have at least 50% of the lashes still intact to be consider an infill if not only a 20.00 charge will be accessed to the charge.*

* 85.00 for infill 3D-4D Volume – This is taking 3 or 4 ultra fine lashes and applying to One Natural lash to give a fuller look.
90.00 for infill 5D-6D Volume – This is taking 5 or 6 ultra fine lashes and applying to One Natural lash. Because your lashes naturally shed you will loose 2 to 3 lashes per day and will need a infill in 3 weeks (Recommended)