Teeth Whitening is quick cosmetic procedure that can help you whiten your teeth up to 3 shades in less than an hour. This treatment is self administered using a Hydrogen Peroxide of 16% and a Blue LED Light to help whitening take place in the Dentin Layer, Not on the Surface . People with Yellowish teeth generally get the best results where as teeth that have spots due to tetracycline use or fluorosis, will be difficult to whiten. Natural teeth will within reason but Caps, crowns, veneers, porcelain or composite sign to achieve dramatic results because the peroxide gel will not whiten past the original color.

Some cause of teeth staining is :
translucency and thickness
eating habits
smoking habits
drugs and chemicals

TOOTH SENSITIVITY: Although uncommon, some people can experience some tooth sensitivity during the first 24-48 hours after the whitening treatment. Do not eat or drink anything except water for the first hour after the treatment because the gel opens the pores of the enamel and makes the teeth very vulnerable to staining agents. If you purchased a touch-up pen or a take-home kit (which is highly recommended in order to avoid color regression) be aware that the pores of your enamel will remain open for as long as you use it, so you should refrain from staining agents till you stop using the pen. You can resume your normal habits 24 hours after you conclude the touch-up pen treatment. Also, be aware that drinks and food are not the only things that can stain our teeth when the pores are open; lipstick, for example, can stain too. Do NOT apply lipstick soon after whitening your teeth.

Treatments cost 50.00 for 1/2 hour. or 85.00 for hr